We have daily course for kids. We also have once, twice and thrice a week course.

Kids' curiosity on things becomes stronger that they tend to search for more.
They start to communicate with other people aside from family.
This will help them learn English more and become independent.

Daily schedule/contents of curriculum:

Manner Time

Keep Japanese sense, and learn manners, postures, and customs of the four seasons naturally.

Sunshine Time


Lesson by a rhythmic expert and foreign English teacher. Using child and brain physiology, we can develop a child's quick response/reaction.

2.Kid's Art

Develop children's rich senses through wide range of cultures. To develop children's originality = imagination.


Lesson by PE teacher and foreign English teacher. 'Enjoy' is the concept of this class and it tries to develop the children's enjoyment of exercise.


Children 'discover' new things through 'math', 'science', 'nature', and 'the change of four seasons'. To develop children's originality = imagination

5.Japanese traditional Play

Children enjoy learning through cultural activities such as Japanese seasonal nursery rhymes, hand play, children's songs, and picture books.

Rainbow Time (Original English curriculum)

Main purpose is to build up English Conversation. Children can have fun and learn basic English.

Story Time

This is the time to read books relating to the course such as Japanese seasons and manners. Picture books are read bilingually.

Entrance infomation

Object2 years old and non-kinder children
Capacityappx. 24 (staff 4)
Class Time10:00~13:50
(8:00~ early drop-off ok!)
(13:50~16:00 also extension ok!)

Enrollment Fee

Enrollment Fee¥30,000


1st termearly April~middle of July
2nd termearly September~middle of December
3rd termearly January~middle of March

Monthly fee

CourseTuition Monthly Payment
(Except August)
Capital Assessment Fee
(each term/April, September, January)
Once a week¥18,000¥10,000
Twice a week¥28,000¥15,000
Three times a week¥38,000¥20,000
1hr / 1 ticket¥600
1 book (11 tickets)¥6,000
1 book (11 tickets)¥24,000

What you need when you register

  • Application form
  • Children's Record Book (please attach family picture)
  • Medical Examination
  • Enrollment Fee


  • Please make your tuition payment on the appointment day in each month.
  • Three terms are scheduled in a year.
  • A Capital assessment fee will be charged with tuition at the beginning of each term. (April, September, January)
  • A Capital assessment fee needs to be paid in full even if you enter the school in the middle of term.
  • A Capital assessment fee and tuition are un-refundable if you leave the school in the middle of term.
  • We offer special benefits if you pay in full. Please ask us for the details.
  • Please note that there are no substitute days if the school closes due to a storm warning or transport demonstration.
  • There is no transfer of days if you are absent.
  • For smartphone site

Free ticket service

  • You can join on dates which you normally can not register.
  • We can keep your children until 16:00
  • You can take the same curriculum with regular class members.
  • Reservation is necessary.

If you would like to extend after 12:00, you can use "extend tickets".
We can take care of your children until 16:00.

Daily course kids "Monthly Extended hours service"

Monthly fee + ¥12,600/per month.

means your child can stay from 9:00~18:00

This service is convenient for busy moms who work, have
a new baby or live far away our school.

Guardian's impression

When we went out with our friends for dinner, it was tatami-room and my child asked "May I come in?" in front of the shouji-door.
We asked him what's that? He said when you come in the room, we will ask Like this!
My friend was so surprised.
I've made sure that manner is international common sense! (2ys old's mother)

My daughter passed examination one of the attached school.
On the examination day, my daughter was very calm and could listened the teachers With perfect posture.
Belle・Club is not only English, all teachers will assist about manners everyday.
We appreciated about it. (2ys old's mother)

When my child found a crying younger kid at the department store,
He ran to him and asked "Are you OK?".
And I asked why did you ask "Are you ok?" to younger boy and he said When I cried at Belle・Club, one of the elder classmate said "It's OK, mom will come Soon, OK?" to me.
I was so glad with his growth and his memories. (1ys old's mother)

Always my child said "I can not do this!" "Mom, please help me!" until he went to Belle・Club.
But now he can do everything by himself for example put shoes on, take all dishes to the kitchen etc.
My family was so surprised!
Belle・Club is perfect environment for independence. (1ys old's mother)

When we use the elevator, suddenly my daughter put her hands behind her back.
I asked what are you doing? And she said teacher told me when we use elevator, please watch out for your hands.
Next day I asked teachers and they said yes, during manner time we learn about manners, promises and safety.
I was so proud that my daughter belongs to Belle・Club. (1ys old's mother)

On the way to supermarket, there was a butterfly.
"Look! It's a butterfly!" my son said.
I was surprised he could say it very smoothly. (1ys old's mother)

One day, my son said to every family member "Everyone, sit down, please!"
His grandparents and my husband were bit confused.
Suddenly my son said "Let's say Itadakimasu(Thank you for the food)".
and put his small hands together.
Everybody copied him. We all were so proud of him.
We could feel his growth. (2ys old's mother)

My daughter is doing "Belle・Club play" by herself.
I am the student, my daughter will be the teacher.
Always she says "Line up, please!" as the teacher. It's a very good observation.
Also before she is going to sleep, she always asks me "Teachers are already asleep?"
I explained All teachers are sleeping now. Let's go to Belle・Club tomorrow. (2ys old's mother)

When I am eating a persimmon for my dessert at home, she said "Persimmon!"
But I could not understand what she said. So I looked a dictionary and I found "Persimmon" is Kaki in English.
What a wonderful memory!
My daughter said one of the teachers told her during their lunch time. (2ys old's mother)

When we were having dinner with our family, my son said "Where is my left hand?"
"Yes, it's here" and he put his left hand on his rice-bowl.
I said to him "Good job!" and he said teacher told me my left hand should be always Beside the rice-bowl. I thought this behavior is very important to everyday manners.
Thank you for telling him. (2ys old's mother)

  • べるようちえん
  • キッズハウス
  • キッズクラブ・クックバラ
  • ベル・クラブ
  • ベルグループ