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Belle・Club Toppage

What's New

We opened "smartphone website"


We updated school gallery. 8th/7


We made 2 different age groups for Honey Class.

From 9 months of age, babies together with moms can learn English.


Develop leadership

Belle・Club uses special strategy in communicating and in teaching manners.
It is the place where we give importance in molding kids to become globally competitive but have Japanese sensibility.
This is a new type of International school.

Belle・Club's education policy

  • Develop leadership
  • Express each child's will by being bilingual
  • Learn appropriate words
  • Develop well balanced individuals
  • Make good relationships


〒460-0002 名古屋市中区丸の内2-16-1
TEL 052-232-3000 FAX 052-232-3005

  • べるようちえん
  • キッズハウス
  • キッズクラブ・クックバラ
  • ベル・クラブ
  • ベルグループ
  • スマホサイトはこちら